viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

World Poetry Day

For World Poetry Day on March 21, a poem about the beginning of spring, and a curious link.

The Thrush

BY EDWARD THOMAS (1878-1917)
When Winter's ahead,
What can you read in November
That you read in April
When Winter's dead?
I hear the thrush, and I see
Him alone at the end of the lane
Near the bare poplar's tip,
Singing continuously.
Is it more that you know
Than that, even as in April,
So in November,
Winter is gone that must go?
Or is all your lore
Not to call November November,
And April April,
And Winter Winter—no more?
But I know the months all,
And their sweet names, April,
May and June and October,
As you call and call
I must remember
What died into April
And consider what will be born
Of a fair November;
And April I love for what
It was born of, and November
For what it will die in,
What they are and what they are not,
While you love what is kind,
What you can sing in
And love and forget in
All that's ahead and behind.

jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day in the UK and Ireland. The initiative comes from a charity of the same name to promote literacy and is aimed at students in nursery, primary and secondary school. It is celebrated every year on March 5.

There are activities like games, fund-raising and dressing up as a character like Wally. £1 book tokens are distributed which can be exchanged for a book in participating bookshops.

For more costume ideas follow this link.

World Book Night will be celebrated on April 23.